Inspired by nature, confirmed by science

Conserving the goodness of nature’ is at the core of our company's mission and inspiration. We believe in the natural benefits of good nutrition to ensure our babies have the best start in life.

We would like to share with you the latest scientific evidence and knowledge we have regarding infant nutrition. This is our main role at the Institute. We make sure that our company’s products stay as close as possible to what nature intended, thus allowing babies to grow healthily and develop to their full potential. You want to give them all the goodness you have – so do we.

At Hero we believe the goodness of nature should be the basis of infant nutrition. For our infant formulas we use ingredients naturally present in breast milk and our baby foods are designed to offer a balanced and natural diet. 

Meet our experts

We build on more than 80 years of research in Infant Nutrition. Our internal Scientific team is advised by Independent International Experts.

                                Luisma Sánchez, PhD

Luisma Sánchez, PhD

Director Research & Nutrition Hero Group

Hero Group

Alcantarilla, Spain

                                Catharina Tennefors

Catharina Tennefors

R&D and Quality Director



                                Prof. Dr. Olle Hernell

Prof. Dr. Olle Hernell

Chair of Pediatrics (Section) / Dept. of Clinical Sciences

Umeå University