Talking in Moscow about the role of fats in infant nutrition: known and unknown facts

Moscow - Thu, 02/04/2016

During last February, the 19th Congress of Pediatricians of Russia with international participation “Actual Problems of Pediatrics” was celebrated in Moscow. One of the most and new relevant topics was the Milk fat and known facts for infants. This topic was debated by Prof Lukoyanova, Prof Odinaeva and Prof. Shilina during the Symposium entitled “Fats in the diet of the child: known and unknown facts”, sponsored by Hero Russia. They were talking about the biological role of milk fat, the specific role in infant’s nutrition and solvind questions about palm oil and palmitic acid.

Hero made an interesting contribution during the three days of the Congress, arranging three medical symposia with new science about milkfat in infant nutrition and its role in infant’s health.  The following three symposia were given by Infant Nutrition experts:

Nutrition of the young child: the view of the pediatrician, neurologist and cardiologist

  • Nutrition and cognitive development – the neurologist will put everything in its place.  Nesterovsky, Y. E. (Moscow)
  • Cholesterol in a child's life: the view of a cardiologist, or new data on "old" component. Degtyareva, E. A. (Moscow)
  • Functional impairment of the child's first year of life: are all issues resolved? Belmer, S. V. (Moscow)


Fats in the diet of the child: known and unknown facts

  • The biological role of milk fat. Lukoyanova, O. L. (Moscow)
  • The role of the fat component of milk formulas for baby's health. Odinaeva, N. J. (Moscow)
  • Palm oil and palmitic acid: questions and answers. Shilina, N. M. (Moscow)


Child nutrition in everyday pediatric practice: current issues.
Chairmen: Borovik T. E., Novikova V. P., Gmoshinskaya M. V.

  • Breastfeeding after hospital discharge: just about the complex. Lukoyanova, O. L. (Moscow)
  • The role of breastfeeding and complementary foods in the child's life: nutrition and education. Gmoshinskaya, M. V. (Moscow)
  • Breast milk and new opportunities to create the milk mixture. Novikova, V. P. (St. Petersburg)


The program of the Congress also included issues such as the organization of medical health care for children, the protection of reproductive health of children and adolescents, the nutrition of healthy and ill children, vaccinations, high-technology diagnostic methods and treatment of childhood diseases, the medical school, pediatric surgery and other contemporary problems.

In addition, Hero launched their new infant formula with a unique blend of milk fat and Milk Fat Globule Membranes (MFGM), Including the individual components of the milk fat globule membrane that make our innovative formulas more and more similar to breast milk composition and functionality.