The Hero Institute of Infant Nutrition develops and offers online training on medical nutrition, quality, food safety, technology and many others for continuous training for our own teams. This is why we provide Training Programmes & Nutritional Education with latest developments in Infant Nutrition. If you have a specific need for a training or if you are interested in our training programs, you are welcome to contact us. 

Training Days for Paediatric Residents - Murcia, Spain

In collaboration with Spanish Paediatric Association, this training has received the Scientific and Heath Nature Recognition by Spanish Health Ministry. 

Training Days on Young Health Care Doctors - Oranje, Netherlands

Organising Committee constituted by Experts from the University Hospital Utrecht (WKZ) & Academin Medical Centre (AMC) and Youth Health Care Netherlands (JGZ).

Annual Seminars on Paediatrics and Nutrition - Stockholm, Gotegorg & Malmo

In collaboration with Umea University, Sweden, 4 seminars on infant formula improvement have been conducted annually.