Continuous support for professionals

One of our main objectives is to share our knowledge and experience with Heath Care Professionals (HCP), who are devoted to the care of infants every day.

This is why Hero provides support for professionals with useful tools, as growth charts, links and training videos online where experts provide information in pediatric nutrition. All this with the latest developments in Infant Nutrition.

We share science to offer the best.

We provide applicable science

Our companies and the institute are working on different tools that support the daily work of health care professionals. 

Hero is working together with several hospitals on nutrition and health research in infants. Examples of this include: The University Hospital Groningen (UMCG, the Netherlands) developed together with TNO a tool which can be used by health care professionals to monitor the growth of preterm infants. It has been demonstrated that the growth of preterm infants is different compared to term infants. Therefore, these growth charts are the most precise tools currently available for monitoring growth in preterm children.

Growth charts   

Growth charts are an important tool to monitor the health of infants. For term infants, WHO growth charts are the most often used. However, preterm babies growth cannot be measured with this tool. Hero is working together with several hospitals on research with infants. This results for example in the development of specific growth charts for preterm babies.

(Bocca-Tjeertes, J Pediatr 2012; 161;460-5)
TNO growth charts

Support material for praxis

We offer support material related to infancy topics for easy communication to parents.


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