Hero satellite symposium the 11th of May at the 50th Annual Meeting of ESPGHAN

Prague, Czech Republic - Tue, 04/25/2017


Effects on the oral microbiota

Niklas Timby, Pediatric Neurologist, Ph.D. Pediatrics, Umeå University, Sweden

The microbiota in the oral cavity of infants fed a formula supplemented with MFGM (EF) differed from that of infants fed standard formula (SF). The effects may be of clinical importance exemplified by the significantly less frequent finding of M. catarrhalis and the previously reported lower incidence of acute otitis media in infants fed the EF.


Effects on the fecal microbiome and fecal and plasma metabolomes

Carolyn Slupsky, Prof., Ph. D, Nutrition Food Science & Technology University of California, USA

Supplementation of infant formula with MFGM (EF) resulted in fecal metabolomes at 4 and 6 months that differed compared with the standard formula (SF) group for a few amino acids and sugars, e.g. cadavarine, sarcosine, and fumarate. Analysis of serum metabolome revealed that concentrations of acetone, betaine, choline, dimethylglycine, citrate, pyroglutamate, and serine in the EF infants were different from the SF infants, and more similar to breast-fed infants.

Effects on serum/plasma lipidome and red blood cell lipid composition

Tove Grip, M.D., Resident, Pediatrics, Umeå University, Sweden

Feeding healthy term infants an MFGM - supplemented infant formula resulted in a different serum/plasma lipidome compared to feeding unsupplemented formula. These differences might be part of the mechanism(s) explaining the functional benefits of MFGM supplementation on neurodevelopment and immune function previously shown. We have also analyzed the lipid composition in RBCs as a tentative proxy for MFGM effects on cell membrane composition in other tissues, e.g. the brain and immune system, aiming at improving our understanding of likely causal relationships.


  • Bo Lönnerdal, Prof. Emeritus Nutrition & Internal Medicine, University of California, USA
  • Olle Hernell, Senior Prof. Pediatrics, Umeå University, Sweden