Advised by experts

Over the years, we have carried out numerous projects with universities and research centres in Europe and the Middle East.

In the same period, we enhanced our experience in clinical research within Paediatrics, collaborating internationally with health care professionals from more than 100 Hospitals and Primary Health Care Centres.
The Hero Scientific Advisory Board of Independent International Experts advises to Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition on the latest scientific advances.

Hero Scientific Advisory Board

Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition is well connected with international Key Opinion Leaders who drive research in the infant nutrition category. Hero Scientific Committee validate concepts of key projects with Hero Scientific Advisory Board (HSAB) members.

                                Prof. Dr. Olle Hernell

Prof. Dr. Olle Hernell

Chair of Pediatrics (Section) / Dept. of Clinical Sciences

Umeå University


                                Prof. Dr. Bo Lönnerdal

Prof. Dr. Bo Lönnerdal

Distinguished Professor

Dept. of Nutrition

University of Davis, California

                                Prof. Dr. Angel Gil

Prof. Dr. Angel Gil

Chair of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Granada University


“ We believe in the natural benefits of good nutrition to ensure our babies have the best start into life. ”