Last evidences on milk fat in Prague: benefits on baby’s development

Prague - Fri, 02/12/2016

Experts in infant nutrition have been sharing the last scientific evidences on milk fat for babies. It was as part of a big conference held in the hotel Hilton in the centre of Prague. Four hundred pediatricians from all over the Czech Republic attended the presentation of the relevant results of the “Tumme” clinical study. This study refers to an important component of milkfat - lipoprotein membrane MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane), which plays an important role in infant development, similar to that observed in breast fed babies. This research was initiated in 2006 by the Hero Group in collaboration with Umea University, and now it is yielding results.

Dr. Jan Boženský, Chair in Clinical Pediatrics, Prague

The first presentation on epigenetics and the importance of milk fat in infant formulas was delivered by Dr. Jan Boženský, Chair in Clinical Pediatrics. This lecture served as introduction to Prof. Olle Hernell, who presented the Tumme study and the main results obtained regarding cognitive and immune development in infants fed with MFGM enriched formulas. Furthermore, a revision on immunity and cognitive functions in infants was offered by Dr. Pavel Frűhauf. Finally, Dr. Marisa Vidal, Scientific Communication Manager of the Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition, gave a speech on those bioactive lipid components present in MFGM, which can be potentially responsible of the beneficial effects detected on cognitive and immune development in the Tumme study: gangliosides, sphingomyelin and cholesterol were detected in higher amounts in formulas with MFGM than in formulas without it.

Prof. Olle Hernell, Chair in Pediatrics, Umea University.

Hero is collaborating with the Swedish Umea University, among many others Universities, which are the basis for the current important role of Hero and its Institute in the innovation and development of the new infant formulas.

“I am convinced that thanks to the benefits of good nutrition and care, we can be sure that we giving infants the best possible start in life”, said Dr. Stefan Bodenstab, Vice President Innovation & Quality at Hero Group. – “Our role at the institute is to make sure that our infant formulas stay as close as possible to nature in order to make baby’s capabilities grow and develop healthily and completely".

Dr. Marisa Vidal, Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition

Sunar Infant milk formulas have been known for more than 60 years in Czech Republic. Sunar was the only formula which contained milk fat. The new Hero Sunar formula maintains milk fat in its recipe due to the bioactive lipids being part of it and have potential beneficial effects on babies.

It was also a pleasure to share and discuss these results in Slovakia, where over 200 of the most prominent paediatricians attended our conference. Our lectures received a lot of attention and many questions were raised during the subsequent discussion. We strongly appreciate the attendance and scientific discussion of all academic and clinical audience, and we hope to continue working together in these two countries in order to guarantee the best and offer an infant formula composition closer to nature.